Below are some quotes from our current Ofsted inspection report.


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"Partnerships with parents are strong. Parents are involved in children's learning and
development from the outset of care. For example, staff encourage them to share
information about what children can do and their current interests at home. This helps
to promote good continuity of care and learning between the nursery and home."


"Staff plan activities that support what children need to learn next. They follow
children's different fascinations, such as space and animals. Activities are enjoyable and
motivate children to learn; for example, they delight at creating 'alien slime'. This helps
children to make good progress."


"Staff support children's transitions successfully. For example, they spend time
sensitively settling children who are visiting nursery for the first time. They invite
teachers to visit when children are ready to move on to school."


"Staff attend a variety of professional development opportunities. These help to improve
their knowledge and skills and boost their motivation. Among other things, staff take
part in a baby room project. This helps staff to reflect on how young children learn and
ensure activities are well-matched to their needs"


"Children's behaviour is good. Staff skilfully promote children's emotional well-being and
develop their understanding of how to behave appropriately. They consistently praise
children's achievements, which helps to foster their confidence and self-esteem