"Thank you all so much for the amazing care you give and also everything you have taken on and learnt to enable my child to come to nursery. His nursery time is the only real break I get and I know he is in such good hands which is important to me."

Parent of child at Scarcroft Green Nursery

"May we take this opportunity to say much we have valued Scarcroft Green Nursery, the staff and the manager."

Parent of child at Scarcroft Green Nursery

"The team in the baby room are absolutely phenomenal. The variety of activities they plan for the children, the care they provide and the enthusiasm and warmth they have comes in bucket loads. "

Parent of child at Scarcroft Green Nursery

"Amazing staff who are very nurturing and attentive to each individual child"

Parent of child at Scarcroft Green Nursery

Take a look around

Jelly Babies is situated on the ground floor. The room is very cosy and looks out onto the outdoor area. The resources are fully accessible for the babies to choose what they like to play with. The room is secured using a fixed baby gate.


The babies enjoy their snack and lunch sat round the table, it is a social time where the babies and staff sit together enjoying conversation. 



Jelly Beans is our biggest room situated on the ground floor. The room can be divided by sliding doors at sleep time and to enjoy quieter activities. The room has free flow access to the outdoor area, letting children have the choice of where they would like to play.


The children are encouraged to be independant at meal times, serving their own portion. Snack time is Cafe style where children have the choice of when to have snack and what to have - the children enjoy this because it doesn't interupt their play.

Jelly Tots is situated on the first floor of the nursery. The room consists of 3 play rooms, one of which becomes a sleep room for when the Tots are worn out.


Within the main room we have an interest table where our Stick Insect and Fish live amongst our home grown plants and flowers.


The Tots enjoy playing regularly in the outdoor area where we have bikes and trikes, a sand area and mud kitchen.

We are also able to offer a school pick up service from Scarcroft Primary School.


To take a look inside Scarcroft Green Nursery, please click the link below:



You are more than welcome to visit our nursery to see our rooms and facilities for yourself. To arrange a tour, please contact the nursery on 01904 639024