Coronavirus update 17/04/2020

Dear Parent / Carer

Further to my letter of Thursday 9th April I am writing to you with further clarification on childcare being provided during the current crisis.

The Trustees held a meeting this afternoon to decide how to progress beyond next week.

In brief, they have reached the decision that Joseph’s Nursery will remain open on the same basis as at the present time.

We will continue to offer care for children of existing customers by implementing a plan which the nursery managers made last week, utilising teams of staff who are available to work and rotating them between being at work and being on furlough.

Obviously, if there are any significant changes which impact on our ability to continue providing this service, this will need to be reviewed.


The manager at Joseph’s Nursery, Karen Dicks will be commencing a period of furlough with effect from Monday 20th April. Delta Whatling (Deputy Manager) or one of the managers from another of our nurseries (Steph Drury or Jacqui Brandt) will be available to assist you with any queries which you might have during this time.


I hope that this provides you with some reassurance that we are doing our best to support you and your children at the same time as trying to meet the welfare needs of our staff.

Kind regards


Karen Mawson (CEO)

York Childcare