Applying for the Extended Funded Entitlement (30 hours childcare ) from September 2017

The Extended Funded Entitlement trial in York will end on 31st August 2017. If you think you are eligible and would like your child to access a 30 hours place from 1st September 2017, you will need to go onto the Childcare Choices website and click on the “30 hours free childcare” link at to set up a Childcare Service account and apply for the 30 hours free childcare. If you are eligible you will  receive an 11 digit code which you will  need to take to you chosen childcare provider(s) in order to reserve your place.


Please note that if your child is currently accessing a 30 hours place as part of the Early Implementer trial, the City of York voucher code that you currently have will no longer be valid.  You will have to apply online to the Childcare Choices website in order to receive a valid 11 digit code from the government through your Childcare Service account. You will need to apply for a place by 31st August 2017 in order to access a place from the 1stSeptember 2017.


You do not need to apply to the Childcare Choices digital service if you only want to access the universal 15 hours entitlement for your 3 and 4 year old and children in reception class are not eligible for the 30 hours childcare.


For further information on the 30 hours free childcare, Tax Free Childcare or other help with childcare costs, please visit the Childcare Choices at: